Tuesday, July 31, 2012

houston streets

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live comin' atcha from texas!  our cross country road trip has begun and i'm so excited to have y'all along for the ride!  i'm west coast bound and as always on the hunt for beautiful jewelry and accessories.  i gave you a little teaser of my road trip style, new orleans edition, with the added bonus of molly's style as well.  so here's round two, mollabby takes houston, texas!  we made a quick stopover so that i could show molly my homeland and we could sleep off our new orleans induced food comas.  i showed her some of my favorite vintage haunts, took her for some of my favorite mexican food, and showed her some of houston's artsy side.  sadly i didn't take many photos of the city because i was having too much fun playing tour guide but luckily we did take plenty of photos of our outfits and jewelry for your viewing pleasure!  next up, san antonio and austin!

on molly: vintage flannel, old navy polka dot shorts, vintage cowboy hat, vintage sunglasses.

on molly: vintage bolo tie, juzu beads from namaste bookshop, chilean beaded and leather bracelets,  antique rings,  hand beaded name necklace from new mexico.

on me: hawaiian shirt from bali, t by alexander wang camisole, h&m bodycon skirt, vintage espadrilles.

on me: tribal necklace from style queen, evil eye necklace from istanbul, vintage gold necklace, vintage carved ring from barcelona, silver and turquoise rings from india.

on molly: old navy camp shirt, vintage suede skirt, converse all stars.

on molly: vintage bolo tie, vintage watch and bracelet, juzu beads from namaste bookshop, chilean beaded and leather bracelets, antique rings.

on me: gitman vintage zebra camo shirt from tres bien shop (ok busted, i totally jacked this little beauty from ryan), vintage shorts, vintage belt, camel leather flats from india.

on me: vintage necklace, balinese silver and beaded bracelets.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

brand spankin new orleans

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on the road again!  this past week ryan and i drove to new orleans to visit my family, eat ourselves into oblivion, and meet up with the one and only mangoo.  needless to say it was a very full weekend.  we flipped through beautiful old books, ogled beautiful old houses, ate some good old cajun food, and invented new daiquiri flavors.  wedding cake, pineapple amaretto mixed with pina colada, if you're ever jonesin!  of course no trip is complete without a hunt for amazing jewelry and this trip was no exception.  our hunt took us to magazine street where we spent hours getting lost among the treasures in the magazine antique mall and winding our way through vintage and antique stores.  it felt wonderful to be back in my second home and even better to get to share it.  so enjoy the photos!

on molly: vintage dress, vintage slip, vintage hat.

on molly: juzu beads from namaste book shop, chilean leather and beaded bracelets, antique rings.

on me: vintage shirt, skirt from india, shoes from morocco, persol sunglasses, alexander wang donna hobo.

on me: my grandma's nameplate necklace, pamela love eagle claw necklace, self made charm necklace, antique florentine panther ring, vintage silver cuff, balinese beads and bangles. 

on molly: vintage sunglasses, vintage denim shorts.

on me: gap chambray shirt, t by alexander wang camisole, vintage shorts, shoes from india, persol sunglasses.

on me: mignon faget pearl necklace, vintage silver rings.

on molly: vintage flannel, paper flower crown from the revival outpost on magazine street.

on me: vince sweater, gap shorts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 bandits, 1 love

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the other day while meandering through francesca's beautiful blog frank vinyl i came across her post about the 2 bandits amazing new holiday 2013 lookbook.  i first stumbled on the 2 bandits when i was on a desperate search for some boot jewelry after seeing erin wasson's "texas story" in elle italia and thanked the internet gods for delivering me to southwestern jewelry nirvana.  the 2 bandits is a jewelry and accessories line designed by the incomparable tamar wider and i have no words to describe her pieces apart from perfection, to die for, and all my jewelry dreams come true.  she beautifully mixes bohemian and western, vintage and modern, "rustic and refined" .  to borrow her words, she perfectly captures a "glamorously free-spirited texan exuberance" and to that this texan girl says yeehaw!  proof that while you can take the girl out of texas, you can never take the texas out of the girl.  while all of her lookbooks are stunning and feature the big hair and loads of denim that any good texan girl will tell you are the keys to beauty, the new lookbook for holiday 2013 features arguably the coolest photos EVER of some of the coolest jewelry EVER.  flipping through the lookbook brightened my day, inspired me to bust out my tiniest texas tux, and most importantly made me want every single piece from the new collection.  so to you the 2 bandits i say kudos and i raise my shiner in celebration of the perfection that is your new collection!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

happy birthday america!

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or is it amercia?  i'll never know, but i do know no matter how you spell it means freedom (these colors don't run baby!).  the 4th of july has always been one of my favorite holidays.  it's essentially a day to celebrate your love of american flag bikinis, denim cut offs, bbq, and fireworks.  aka it's perfection.  here's a little bit of jewelry inspiration to get you in the spirit!  and if you're not in the spirit, GET INTO IT!  and don't give me some crazy excuse like you're too tired from celebrating canada day.

one: crystal flag ring from nature's jewelry.  aka the most amazing ring i've ever seen.  USA, USA, USA!
two: bang bang tear drop earrings in coral and blue by vanessa mooney.  are you thinking what i'm thinking, pull a punky brewster on these bad boys and wear a coral on one ear and a blue on the other?  of course you are, get out of my head!
three: necklaces by ek thongrapsert via moda operandi.  who would have guessed that some of the most patriotic jewelry ever made would be coming out of antwerp?  seriously though this guy is creating some incredibly exciting pieces for any occasion.
four: shooting star studs from topshop.  not quite 50 stars but pretty close.
five: eagle cuff by alex and ani.  thank america for being the wind beneath your wings.
six: rainbow wrap bracelet from style queen.  a way more glam version of the summer staple friendship bracelet.
seven: liberty necklace by dannijo.  the creme de la creme of patriotic jewelry.
eight: gold crystal star ring by emilio pucci via stylebop.  even closer to 50 stars!
nine: sapphire lace earrings by ayala bar via setty gallery.  there's nothing like sapphire earrings with a white bikini and a tan.
ten: star stacking ring by phoebe coleman.  are we at 50 stars yet?
eleven: katie double wrap bracelet from marc by marc jacobs.  for the classy patriot.
twelve: yellow gold firework earrings from tantas treasures.  the piece de la resistance of your july 4th get up.  probably the closest you'll ever come to topping a fireworks display.

and here's how i'll be doing patriotic jewelry on the 4th.  it'll either make you want to give it a try or to steer clear forever.  either way, i'll inspire you.  a win win!  and this also serves as a small preview of some of the pieces coming to far and wild jewelry!  the site should be ready to go and fully stocked by the middle of july so get excited!  (please excuse the terrible picture quality, i'm between cameras and trying to get away with iPhone pics for now!)

vintage t-shirt, american apparel shorts, vintage belt, vintage (dancing) boots, jewelry vintage and far and wild.

a close up of my red, white, and blue baubles.

just trying to show off my rings. totally natural.

moroccan bracelets coming soon to far and wild!

necklaces coming soon to far and wild!

 diy usa floral headband.